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Rubber is the major backbone of agriculture and part in the economies of many countries. The most important customer is the automotive industry. Approximately 70 percent of the world’s natural rubber ends up in car tires.

As per SDG goal, The rapid expansion of rubber cultivation put the question to all stakeholders on deforestation, monoculture plantations, human and labour rights. Therefore car makers and suppliers putting the effort to develop appropriate transparency into natural rubber supply and ensure its traceability throughout the supply chain.

However, Smallholders account for more than two-thirds of rubber plantations in Asia. Millions of farmers have to be included in the process to be able to make the traceability of the concern issues to achieve transparency. In the meantime rubber price now in the down zone which makes numerous countries hold their move on the sustainability approach fear that the process would effect cost and bring major effects on the economy of the farmers.

How can we solve it? The most important objective is to find those problems and then turn action to DATA!

After that Dedicate your data-management efforts toward a solution by focus on the outcome and the objective. Only data will bring you the traceability.

That when Big-data and data culture come into place in order to make decisive decision-making tools that bring consistency, dependability and sustainability to agri-businesses.

We need capabilities of live reporting, analysis, interpretation and insight that span across geographies, map out the supply chain as well as provide real-time updates to farmers who have smartphones and internet connectivity. Plugin ability to GIS& UAV , AI, internet of the thing to improve the aspect of data.

If we can digitizing every farm, while data-managing the entire ecosystem, we will be able to trace all the issues of concern in real time and also can help on better communication directly to farmers for future development or sustainability.

The challenge of how we’ll continue the natural rubber future – in a sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way and a win-win situation and considering benefit of each stakeholder. This is an agricultural sustainability revolution to think forward.

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Mrs. Maiprae Loyen, Chief Executive Officer, MTI Solution Co Ltd

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