Interview with Namazie International

Namazie International Pte Ltd is a Panel Associate Member of the International Rubber Study Group (IRSG).

Since its establishment in 1955, Namazie International has grown to become one of the world’s leading privately owned natural rubber traders and supply chain managers with deep and wide knowledge of the industry. It is headquartered in Singapore with a wide global reach. They are present in almost every continent.

They source natural rubber in both dry and latex form from all the major producing countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and West Africa. Their customers are mainly tire companies and rubber parts manufacturers located all over world including China, India, North America, European Union, Japan, Korea, Turkey, UAE, Russia, Pakistan, Central Asia, Mexico and South America.

Since 2008, Namazie International has repositioned itself from being just a trading company to become a full service provider and supply chain partner. In addition to the traditional role of a middleman and contract guarantor the company provides value added services like financing, logistics and technical support to both its customers and suppliers. They store the rubber in their own warehouses and tanks at destination ports to be able to deliver just in time thereby minimizing customers’ inventory costs and cash flow. They provide credit terms for their customers who need these.

They also hedge price and market risk for customers and ensure stability of supply by being able to sell the physical rubber many months forward either on spot or long term contract basis. In turn Namazie has Long Term supply contracts on floating or fixed price basis with many producers so as to be able to provide them a stable and regular market for their production. Namazie also solves technical and quality issues and claims that arise at the customer end. Having such a wide network of buyers and sellers all over the world Namazie is ideally placed to resolve issues of material replacement as expeditiously as possible.

Finally, Namazie International places utmost importance on the needs of her clients and business partners and tries to be as responsive as possible and to adapt itself to a very dynamic and competitive business environment.

In 2013 Namazie International Pte Ltd diversified by setting up a crumb rubber factory in Indonesia. The plant which is known as PT Nusa Alam rubber is capable of producing about 30,000 MT of SIR20 per year. The company is also looking at acquiring or setting up other processing plants in Indonesia and Vietnam.

IRSG: What do you think your strength is in relations to the products and market focused?

Reza Namazie: Our strengths lie firstly in our large base and wide diversity of customers and suppliers. We are very customer centric and service oriented and I think that these qualities ensure that both our customers and supplier stay loyal to us and is one reason that we have been around for more than sixty years. Another important strength lies in our track record of honoring and delivering whatever we promise and not compromising or cutting corners just for sake of short term profit. We always think long term and believe in building long term relationships with all our partners.

IRSG: In relations to CSR how does Namazie ensure suppliers and partners comply with basic human rights standards.

Reza Namazie: Namazie has a very clear set of CSR policies which governs the way that we operate and which encompasses and informs all our dealings with suppliers, partners and customers. This core set of principles can be found in our website in the following link:-

IRSG: Share some examples how Namazie educate partners and suppliers about the value of sustained production and processing in the supply chain.

Reza Namazie: Sustainable production and processing in the supply chain is very important to the industry. At the supply side our crumb rubber factory in Indonesia works closely with farmers and rawmat dealers and educates them on the importance of good quality rubber. We pay higher prices to our suppliers and offer more generous payment terms to them to ensure that they provide good quality rawmat. We don’t buy poor quality rawmat even though it is cheaper because we want to encourage farmers to take care in producing good quality rawmat that will result in good or high quality SIR20.

IRSG: What is Namazie looking forward to in this market environment?

Reza Namazie: We hope and look forward to more stable and sustainable prices. We hope for a market for physical rubber that is less volatile, more remunerative to farmers and dealers and not so closely connected to the futures markets which is dominated mainly by large financial players who view the contracts as simply another financial asset and not a means of livelihood for millions of smallholders and farmers all over the world.

IRSG: What is the benefit Namazie International sees being an IRSG industry member?

Reza Namazie: We see the IRSG as the principal platform where all stakeholders in the industry can engage and discuss with each other in a very objective and non-partisan way. The IRSG is both neutral and respected enough in terms of knowledge and networking to be able to command the respect and attention of all stakeholders. It is an important source of objective information and knowledge as opposed to fake information and news. It is not a lobby group for any one particular group or segment of the industry but is truly independent and therefore a very valuable resource and asset for all industry players including traders and processors such as NAMAZIE INTERNATIONAL.

For more dialogue with Namazie International please contact or call Mr Reza Namazie at Tel:- +6590057111 or email him at


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